Retail Display Solution

Retail Display Solution



For highly specialized product needs, we offer custom design and manufacturing services. We can quickly design and manufacture just about any product to any specification. We also offer a range of in-house secondary services, including plastic extruding and injection molding; high speed poly-bagging, boxing and labeling; cable and chain cutting, spooling and assembly; hook and loop cutting and mating; and custom cut/miter cut of stock profiles.


  • K-Stick Ladderless Sign Hanging System, Ceiling Systems and Accessories, Cable and Chain, Info Strips and Product Merchandising, Sign and Literature Holders, Display Construction, Rings and Binder Posts, and New Retail Display Products.

About the Company

Kinter is an innovative leader in retail display hardware. Since 1980, we’ve grown steadily by anticipating and meeting the needs of our diverse customer base, and providing exceptional customer service – or as we call it, KinterCare. We strive to be the easy choice for every retail display product need. We keep our warehouse stocked with over 10,000 of the latest retail display products. That equates to millions of pieces that are in stock and ready to ship same day for next day delivery. Our motto is “We have it here today, so you can have it there tomorrow.” 

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