Retail Displays

Retail Displays

Midway Displays, Inc.


Counter and Floor Retail Displays available for immediate purchase. We have all your needs stocked and ready to ship. Clip Racks, Spinner Hook Racks, Tray and Bin Displays and more!. Online store purchases are for quantities of 9 and under. 


  • Clipper® Display Clip Racks, Hook Rack Spinner Displays, Counter Top Display Racks, Full-View® Merchandising, Tray & Bin Rack Merchandisers, and Components & Accessories.

About the Company

Midway Displays has been producing retail merchandising programs for fortune 500 consumer products companies for over 30 years. Midway Displays unique product line is designed for Secondary Product Placements, New Product Introductions and Seasonal Expansion Promotions, without paying a premium price! Midway offers a STOCK line of merchandising components that can be combined together to create a merchandising display solution for almost any product in almost any retail environment.

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