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Retail Management Software

Springboard Retail


Springboard Retail is a cloud retail management platform designed for retailers by retailers. It's built for multi-store, multi channel retailers who need to service every customer the same way, no matter how or where they shop. Springboard offers a Mobile POS that has been successfully used by Springboard customers. With inventory balancing across stores & online, unparalleled custom reporting, APIs, portability across platforms and devices, easy-to-use and quick-to-start, Springboard is giving retailers unprecedented control over their business and profitability.


  • All in real time.
  • All in the cloud.
  • Mobile POS, inventory management, custom reporting and more.

About the Company

Experience has taught us what drives sales profitably. We know the store is the most valuable asset in the omni-channel retailer's portfolio, and Springboard Retail software is designed to work at the core of successful, customer-centric retail enterprises of the future.

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