Retail POS

Retail POS



Sell in person and online with Square. Simplify your retail operations with everything from mobile point-of-sale tools and a free online store to inventory management and next-business-day deposits.


  • Customize taxes, tipping, and discounts.
  • Print or email sales reports.
  • Swipe payments even when you don’t have a signal.

About the Company

We started with a simple idea—that everyone should be able to accept credit cards—and we've been rethinking buying and selling ever since.   For sellers, we’re creating one cohesive service to run your entire business, from a register in your pocket to analytics on your laptop. For buyers, we’re making it faster to order from the businesses you love and more fun to pay your friends back. Buying and selling sound like simple things—and they should be. Somewhere along the way, they got complicated. We’re working hard to make commerce easy for everyone.

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