Returnly Technologies, Inc.


Get better returns by removing friction
Most online product returns result in lost sales and frustrated shoppers. It takes brands 21 days on average to process an order refund. That’s 21 days too late for 91% of shoppers who do not repurchase. With Returnly you can offer the simplest product returns experience, achieve amazing repurchase conversions at no-risk and increase free cash-flow and customer loyalty. That’s why it pays to have Returnly.


Self-service for shoppers

  • No registration. No sensitive information or order numbers to enter. Lets customers help themselves with all their product return needs. Improves the overall shopping experience while saving you time and money processing product returns.

Full returns and refunds platform

  • We provide the tools your business needs to own the online returns experience outright, streamline product returns, and achieve amazing return to repurchase conversions. 

Fintech for product returns

  • We settle repurchases made by your customers with Instant Refunds™ in real-time. We front order refunds and take the product return and customer risks. Returnly turns product returns into repurchases. This means incremental sales and a free cash-flow to grow your business.

About the Company

Returnly is a Fintech platform that lets merchants offer shoppers a seamless online product returns experience. Eligible shoppers get an Instant Refund™ they can use to buy again at that store immediately, turning product returns into repurchases.

Returnly guarantees all purchases made with Instant Refunds™ and settles directly in real-time with merchants. We take on 100% of the return and customer risk so the merchants are never at loss.

With Returnly, merchants achieve amazing return-to-repurchase conversion rates and improve the overall shopping experience. Returnly provides incremental sales and free cash-flow to grow their business.

We also take care of all the reverse logistics headaches merchants don't want to deal with, like labeling, shipping, tracking packages and processing returns. And we keep shoppers informed on the status of their returns and refunds all along the way, reducing friction even further. 

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