We help retailers embrace dropshipping by removing the complexity of launching and operating a marketplace. Offer your consumers an increased selection of products with zero additional costs. The upside is yours.

RevCascade enables brands and retailers to master dropshipping, save time, and generate new revenue. The simple-to-operate intuitive platform automates the business of dropshipping—product management, inventory control, and sales data. Brands can take advantage of any dropship sales opportunity and retailers can launch, operate, and scale their own marketplaces.  

RevCascade’s easy-to-use software is platform agnostic, meaning it integrates with any existing system that’s used for product information management, inventory updates, and transactions. EDI, API, FTP, HTTP, email, even custom integrations. Once integrated, a brand or retailer can dropship with any trading partner they choose. Communication between brands and retailers is clearer, and dropshipping is faster, easier—and scalable.



Complete Product Management

Manage all your product data -- SKU numbers, digital images, product info once and share it automatically with all your dropship relationships.  RevCascade's marketplace automation platform eliminates the need for repetitive data entry.

Inventory Updates in Real Time

Automatic inventory updates means more revenue from your abialable product, fewer Excel files, and dramaatically less manual work.

Transaction Managment

View and manage your orders, shipments, invoices, and returns either on the RevCascade platform or by intergrating your order managment systems and/or financial system.

Actionable Insights and Custom Reporting

With all of your dropship data in one place, actionable insights are at your fingertips.  You can also design custom reports based on all your data.

New Revenue

Brands and retailers connect seamlessly with RevCascade's easy-to-use platform, making it easier to offer more product categories and SKU's.  Save resources by shrinking your manual workload.  Connect with more trading partners and leverage actionable insights to turn dropshipping into a massive revenue stream.

About the Company

RevCascade's marketplace automation platform powers a massive new e-commerce revenue stream for brands and retailers. The Company has developed a simple, yet powerful and scalable platform that enables brands to easily plug in to hundreds of e-commerce sites through one integration, while also enabling retailers to launch, operate, and scale their own marketplaces. By automating what was previously a manual and inefficient process, RevCascade’s technology platform is helping both brands and retailers leverage the massive and growing $700 billion global market opportunity that exists via online marketplaces today.

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