Reward Bytes

Reward Bytes

Red Pigeon Interactive


Platform as a service (Paas) behavior engine that combines loyalty, gamification, and digital coupons/rewards for mobile, wearables, and bluetooth beacons.

Social: Expand your reach through the use of social networking.

Management Portal: Track usage, manage subscriptions, and tweak campaigns in real-time using our management portal.

Gamification: Capture and reward the big moments while creating the incentives for continued usage.

Cloud Platform: We utlilize Azure on-demand scalable instances to power our Reward Bytes platform. This brings the guarantee of at least 99.9% uptime.

Android: Reward Bytes is available on Android and the companion wearable devices.

iOS: Reward Bytes is supported on iOS8 and the future Apple wearable devices.

Analytics: Gain key insights that help drive better informed decisions within your orgnanization.

Bluetooth Low Energy: Add real world context to any application using our personalized user messaging system and iBeacon technology.


  • MOBILE: As life moves ever faster, people depend more and more on mobile technology. Not only do we innovate groundbreaking ideas, but we also apply them across multiple platforms and devices.
  • DESIGN: Using a broad range of visual capabilities, we develop effective communications for every demand. Beauty is infused into all of our products, from traditional media to technology innovations.
  • INNOVATION: Sure, the word gets thrown around a lot, but for us it’s as much an aspiration as a deliverable. We want to upend established ideas with every concept, be it technological or traditional.

About the Company

Digital technology startup company focusing on innovation in wearables. Our startup currently consists of 6 individuals with a dedicated focus in building new and innovative technologies. Our current research and development efforts are pushing to integrate passive devices into the market which will directly increase our users daily health and productivity.

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