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The future of last-mile delivery is here. Robby self-driving delivery robots.


Robby Technolgoies (Robby) introduced the most complete self-driving robots for last-mile delivery in 2016. Since then Robby's first-generation robots have traveled 3000+ miles and served hundreds of customers across California.  Today, Robbie is announcing the future of self-driving delivery robots featuring a gorgeous new design build from the ground up, full-spectrum cameras, a bran-new drivetrain and next generation self-driving software.

Human-Friendly Design

Robby 2 is introducing design geared for enhanced human-robot interaction.  The size and dimensions invoke feelings of a small pet walking down the street.  The outer finish is specifically designed to give Robby 2 a clean and yet warm, inviting look.

Day or Night 

Robby 2 is equipped with powerful infrared cameras and headlights that allow it to see and navigate carefully in full darkness.  A band of LED on top of Robby 2 serves as an extra safety feature in addition to the various sensors and frontier self-driving technology.  The LED's in the front glow warm white color informing pedestrians of its approach and on the rear the LED's glow red informing pedestrians Robby's directional movement.

Rain or Shine 

We have designed and given treatment to Robby 2's shell and interanal electronics allowing it to be water and weather resistant.  Robby 2 is able to continue delivering goods during the wettest, gloomiest, or brightest of days.  Combined with Night-Day capability, Robby 2 is as reliable as the surise.

Every Hill, Every Curb 

Equipped with 6 wheels and all-wheel drive capability, Robby 2 is the go-everywhere robot.  It can climb any hill up to 40 degrees of incline -- that's serious SUV climb terriroty.  And with upgraded new hardwre and software, Robby 2 makes climbing over any curb a cake walk.  

A Born Marathoner  

With our next generation power management software, Robby 2 goes 3x farther than the competition.  Powered by the latest battery technology, it has a range of 20+ miles on a single charge, like a tru marathoner.  For our fleet customers, Robby 2 spends more time delivering than waiting for a recharge.

A Long-hauler Camel 

For our fleet customers, carrying cargo capacity is equally important as our range.  Our next generation design also increased cargo carrying capacity.  Robby 2's cargo space is 2.6x that of the previous generation, enought to carry a large suitcase worth of goods.  Robby 2 is truly becoming a camel of the sidewalk.

About the Company

Robby is an autonomous robot which delivers things to your doorstep. Self-driving cars are almost here. While they’re going to shuttle you around town, we believe the next big thing is to shuttle stuff around autonomously as well, from packages to food to everything else you need. Join us as we build a world of smart cities that truly deliver!

Robby Technologies was founded by MIT PhDs  in computer vision and robotics (Rui Li and Dheera Venkatraman), participatedin the Y Combinator (YC) program in 2016, and is now in regular service in the Bay Area. 

We're a well-funded team from MIT and Apple, based out leafy Palo Alto, CA.


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