Robotic Grippers, Sensors and Wrist Camera

Robotic Grippers, Sensors and Wrist Camera


Robotic Grippers, Sensors and Wrist Camera


What can you do with our Robotiq products? Free your co-workers from repetitive tasks, improve their motivation and health, all while growing your business.

Here are some examples:

  • Load and unload parts in a CNC machine,
  • Pick and place parts to bridge two automated processes,
  • Unpack material at the beginning of a line, pack or palletize it at the end,
  • Load and unload testing machines,
  • Test the quality of your products in a repeatable and measurable way.

Need to discuss your particular situation? Request a consultation with one of our application engineers and see if Robotiq is a good fit for your processes.


  • COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS: Leverage your collaborative robot's flexibility and ease of use. Our Grippers and Sensors come in Plug + Play packages that include all the hardware and software you'll need to be ready for production in 20 minutes.
  • MACHINE LOADING/UNLOADING: Why would you use a skilled machinist to wait around for a machine to finish its process? Let the robot feed parts and empty the machine, while your machinist: programs, performs preemptive maintenance and improves your manufacturing process. Increase your production capacity without increasing the headcount on your factory floor.
  • ROBOTIC QUALITY CONTROL TESTING: Product testing can be automated for precise, repeatable movements with the same applied force. Achieve consistent testing before sending your products to your customers. Plus, all the robot and sensor data can be fed into your quality assurance system.
  • AUTOMATED ASSEMBLY: Control speed, force and position when assembling your parts. Our Force Torque Sensor allows you to insert one part into another without risk of damage and our flexible Grippers can grip any part shape, even ones that are fragile or deform easily. So there is no need to customize the end effector or use a tool changer.
  • ADVANCED MANUFACTURING & RESEARCH: Push the boundaries of robotics with robust, flexible robot tools that you can integrate quickly. From DARPA competitions to space robotics and the factory of the future, Robotiq Grippers and Sensors have been used by innovators to make their vision a reality.
  • TEACHING ROBOTS WELDING: Supercharge your professional welder's productivity with robotized welding. The welder teaches the robot where and how to weld the parts, and the robot can reliably repeat the pattern, freeing the welder for other value added tasks.

About the Company

At Robotiq, we free human hands from repetitive tasks.

We help manufacturers overcome their workforce challenges by enabling them to install robots on their own. They succeed with our robotic plug + play tools and the support of our automation experts community.

Robotiq is the humans behind the robots: an employee-owned business with a passionate team and an international partner network.

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