Robotic Task Automation

Robotic Task Automation

Universal Robots


Bring new levels of productivity to your business with UR robots: UR’s collaborative industrial robot arms are right at home in your food production chain. Along the food supply chain – from production, processing and distribution – robot arms can be a great advantage for several application areas. Robot arms from Universal Robots update food and agriculture industries to the latest level of technology and fulfil the criteria that agriculture and food industry demand while improving the quality of food production:

  • The robot arm is providing a hermetically sealed unit that can be used in hygienic environments.
  • Ideal design of the robot: The outer casing of the robots is specifically designed to reduce the risk of accumulation of dust and debris.
  • Robot arms can free up your work force from repetitive or dangerous tasks while working in harsh environments that arise along the food production like heat, cold or unpleasant work. Robot arms from Universal Robots can take over dirty, dangerous and dull jobs to reduce repetitive strain and accidental injuries, while freeing up human operators for qualitatively higher tasks.
  • Robot arms are consistent workers and improve consistency while reducing waste.

Non-stop productivity in the food production chain: During busy seasons, robots from Universal Robots can operate around the clock, delivering non-stop productivity to your business. They can be deployed and re-programmed as needed across tasks and applications as often as needed. A robot arm from Universal Robots in your production also helps reducing the risk of employee injury due to repetitive tasks. Heavy packaging tasks are no longer a challenge to employees or staffers, as the robots are always powered up and ready to work – with no need to rest. View our cases below or contact your local distributor for more information and to find out which robot is right for automating your tasks.


  • Automate almost anything: When we say the UR robot can automate virtually anything we mean virtually anything – from assembly to painting, from screw driving to labeling, from injection molding to welding and from packaging to polishing. 
  • Introducing Universal Robots+: Universal Robots+ is a new showroom with end-effectors, software and accessories designed for integration with UR robots. Find everything you need to customize the optimum robot application in one place. In no time. 
  • Meet the world’s no.1 in collaborative robots: Around the world thousands of UR robots work collaboratively right alongside humans – with no safety guards and no problems. 

About the Company

Universal Robots produce a robotic arm which is characterized by being extremely flexible and easy to use in the day-to-day production. 

It differs from anything else in the market in the sense that it is lightweight, very easy to re-program for any non-robot expert and can be easily moved around in the production facilities. 

This enables the possibilities for small and medium sized companies to implement robots into the production, even though they do not posses the robot expertise inside the company. They can do everything themselves. And at low costs.

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