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Above all else CPM is a sales company; and as such Selling is in our DNA!

Internationally today, our expert teams specialize in the science of selling anything from complex end-to-end sales in regulated marketplaces, to van sales in the independent retail sector. 


  • As an international company, we think globally, but can act locally based on the needs of our client partners in many of these service areas: Visual Merchandising, Stock Management, Display management, Secondary display siting, Auditing & compliance, Mystery Shopper, POS / Planogram management & promotions, Space gains / Gap fill.

About the Company

CPM-US( We are part of the Omnicom Diversified Agency Services (DAS) organization). 

If your brand is not on the shelf, that's a missed sales opportunity. 

That's why we specialize in tailored merchandising strategies which are critical to keeping your brand available, visible & attractive to your customers. 

With our creative retail merchandising solutions we guarantee you'll stand a much better chance of standing out in the few seconds it takes a consumer to make a purchasing decision. We'll also make sure that your brand is on the shelf through planogram compliance, POS placement and stock control. 

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