Sample Guardian™

Sample Guardian™

BuzzeoPDMA/IMS Health


This end-to-end sample management system provides accurate and timely sample accountability, sample inventory management and sample reconciliation.


  • Total sample activity accountability.
  • Simplified regulatory compliance.
  • Industry-specific technology.

About the Company

BuzzeoPDMA, now part of IMS Health, has recognized experts and advisors to the pharmacy retailers and healthcare community. We have extensive knowledge and experience consulting on the policies of the DEA and FDA, specializing in the CSA, PDMA, Fraud & Abuse, loss prevention, drug distribution State licensing assistance, regulatory training, diversion detection programs, and compliance and due diligence audits. BuzzeoPDMA is comprised of senior level management from the pharmacy industry as well as senior level regulatory experts from federal and state agencies that are able to identify issues as well as solutions from an operational and regulatory perspective. 

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