Satellite Retail

Satellite Retail



ZoomShops are perfect for driving revenue in desirable locations—the highest sales per square foot in retail—and delivering a superior consumer experience. Our largest of ZoomShops delivers up to 100 square feet of highly visible and valuable brand messaging to consumers in high-traffic areas like malls and airports. Our ZoomShops require no staffing and never close for business.


  • Brand experience delivered in premium locations.
  • Unassisted up-selling and cross-selling at point of purchase.
  • Low cost of ownership.

About the Company

ZoomSystems develops and operates an automated retail platform for retailers and brands. Its leading global solutions include the hardware, software and managed services to deliver a product from the manufacturer to the consumer at an unattended point-of-sale. An important component of any Omnichannel strategy, automated retail provides the functionality of a retail store in a very small footprint without full-time staff, generating the highest sales per square foot in retail. The ZoomSystems solutions complements existing retail strategies by enabling brands and retailers to establish a new retail distribution channel, better manage and sell their products, enhance the customer experience, and minimize or eliminate shrink while improving on-shelf availability to help retailers sell more while losing less. Based in San Francisco, ZoomSystems partners with top brands and retailers, including Proactiv, Amazon, Best Buy, Nespresso, 3Floz, Essie, Benefit Cosmetics and TracFone.

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