Using Satisfi, conversion opportunities can be driven in real-time by capturing customer intentions, sentiments, questions and needs. The resulting customer engagements enhance the on-site experience by introducing additional features and bring to light previously unknown information and insights. 

  • Elevating Your Brand Experience

Listen to your customers and learn how to best enhance your business to meet their needs.  Respond instantly to your customers - we enable you to reach more people than ever before. Interacting with massive amounts of customers has never been easier than with Satisfi.



  • ​Seamlessly transition between automated responses and live-person engagements in real time. Automatically route requests to the best suited responders in your organization and adapt to what's happening in the moment. 


  • Effectively remove location-specific hurdles to elevate satisfaction, allowing you to asses performance across multiple locations, and identify opportunities to improve customer experience. Provide unique experiences in the moment that adjust dynamically to your customer's physical whereabouts. 


  • Dynamically enhance customer interactions with the cognitive learning capabilities of IBM Watson for a powerful and comprehensive engagement solution. Deliver a quick-witted communication tool that embodies your brand voice. 

Convenient Access

  • Satisfi is easy to access - just tap a link and you're in. Satisfi enables your customers to access the service via textback, url and can also be integrated into your existing mobile app.  No download or login required. ​

Adapt Instantly

  • Our powerful form designer enables you to make changes to your forms in real-time. Satisfi forms can be edited in seconds enabling you to instantly react to changes in your place of business. 

Match Your Brand

  • Satisfi pages can be tailored to match your existing  brand colors and fonts. Changes can be made in real time without any technical knowledge. Change your logo, colors and fonts with a few simple clicks.​ 

Robust Analytics

  • Trends and issues that were previously elusive now jump out at you. The data that Satisfi collects coupled with the tools and analytics that the platform offers will enable you to easily see trends and spot issues in your operation.​

About the Company

Satisfi is an intelligent engagement platform that combines the speed and accuracy of automation and the personality of a live person. Satisfi’s unique location-based, mobile solution enhances the on-site and online experience by introducing features like AI and bot technology to capitalize on previously unknown information and insights.

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