InterScale Scales Manager

InterScale Scales Manager

Applied Data Corporation


InterScale scales management software hosts future-dated item/article, retail and promotional prices and label information from one scale-neutral system at your grocery/supermarket/convenience chain headquarters to an unlimited mix of barcode labeling scales and printers, regardless of vendor, model, protocol or age.


InterScale features:

  • The brand-neutral InterScale Scale Manager software, which hosts data to and from barcode labeling scales, printers and kiosks.
  • The iScale Hardware, a rack-mountable server that optionally connects and manages barcode labeling scales in your stores.
  • The ScaleSafe Backup and Restore software which ensures you never lose any of the data on the multiple brands of barcode labeling scales and printers.

About the Company

Since 1989, Applied Data Corporation (ADC) has specialized in the development of data-management solutions for the supermarket, grocery and fresh-food industries. The InterScale scales management software developed by ADC is a global technology leader for host management of supermarket barcode-printing scales and printers. The InterScale system is a member of ADC’s InterStore suite of fresh applications which also includes: NutriGen recipe management, M-Squared meat management and P-Cubed shrink management, fresh inventory management, perishable production planning and demand-driven ordering.  InterStore consolidates ADC’s lead in the Fresh Item Management (FIM) software market with an integrated fresh software suite to provide greater efficiencies and optimize production in the grocer’s fresh-food departments. ADC has over 130 supermarket chains and over 11,000 stores installed in 11 countries.  For more information on ADC visit

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