Self-checkout Solutions

Self-checkout Solutions

ITAB Shop Concept AB


Interest in new methods for reliable checkout and payment in shops has increased in recent years. As an alternative to staffed checkouts, ITAB has developed efficient self-checkout solutions which mean that consumers can quickly, conveniently and reliably check and scan items for themselves at the checkout. ITAB’s self-checkout concept provides for cash payment, customer support, surveillance and exiting. The system produces costs savings and frees up resources. The self-checkout solutions are available in several alternatives. One for a high flow that is adapted for larger retail chains, and one for local shops that often use shopping baskets and fewer items. ITAB’s software is compatible with most known POS systems today.


  • The technology and method is groundbreaking since the checkout recognizes the products not only relying on the barcode – even items sold by weight such as fruit and vegetables.

About the Company

ITAB develops, manufactures, sells and installs shop fitting concepts and products for chain stores in the food and non-food segments. ITAB is today a Group that caters to some of the largest retailers in Europe. ITAB has organisations in 21 countries and 17 production facilities. The beginning of the 21st century was marked by rapid expansion for ITAB through organic growth and strategic business acquisitions. ITAB is the market leader in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the UK and one of the largest in Central Europe and the Benelux countries. 

ITAB Shop Concept is now listed on OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm. The group has 2 750 employees and a turnover of SEK 3 938 million in 2014.

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