Self-Driving Vehicles for Material Transport

Self-Driving Vehicles for Material Transport

OTTO MOTORS by Clearpath Robotics, Inc.


BUILT FOR INDUSTRY: OTTO has been designed and engineered to ensure your production line runs smoothly, 365 days per year. Industry rated components and all metal construction enable OTTO to withstand the rigors of even the harshest working environments.

A SENSE FOR SAFETY: OTTO ensures safe operation by never taking its eyes off the road and staying focused on the task at hand. OTTO is designed to meet industrial standards, including ANSI B56.5, and has been 3rd party reviewed.

SIMPLE: Even though OTTO is a self-driving vehicle, it still uses the same lighting patterns as the vehicles you see every day. If you know how cars work, you know how OTTO works.

READY TO ORDER: OTTO comes in two payload capacities, 100 kg or 1500 kg, which can be configured to accomplish whatever job you have in mind.


  • INCREASE FLOW: Your OTTO fleet is coordinated by a sophisticated fleet management application to ensure maximum throughput for your vehicle deliveries.
  • REDUCE COSTS: OTTO reduces costs by automating the delivery of materials in your facility. Ensure on-time delivery every time with self-driving vehicles.
  • STAY FLEXIBLE: OTTO requires no beacons or magnetic tape to navigate your facility. So when your needs change, OTTO can be redeployed with just a few clicks.

About the Company

Clearpath provides leading-edge self-driving products and services to over 500 of the world’s most innovative brands. Proprietary hardware, software, and services are delivered through the company’s industrial and research divisions: Clearpath Robotics and OTTO Motors.

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