This is the future of retail.

  • Empowering all existing stores to be autonomous and check-out free. 
  • State of the Art AI and Computer Vision Technology 

Autonomous Checkout Stores 

Easy Check-in

  • Unlock a seamless shopping experience

A  simple scan of our app lets your customers open the doors to the future of retail. From now on, every individual shopping experience is transformed into a customer journey that you can customise and improve. 

Simple Shopping

  • The in-store experience perfected

Products are automatically added to each customer’s virtual basket as soon as they are picked up. Just as they are removed if they are placed back on the shelves. Let your users experience retail with no friction, no hassle and no scanning. 

Ultra-fast Check-out

  • Buying (and selling) has never been easier

Convenient, with no queues and no time wasted: this is the shopping experience your customers dream of. Free from the need for cash or card, checking out is even easier than checking in.


  • Cashierless Check-out 

Time spent in queues, counting change and other little things add friction to the shopping experience. By digitising in-store activity, our API allows any store to be autonomous and friction-free. 

  • Customer insights

With the right tool, you can turn millions of customers into millions of insights. Data analysis will help you understand your customers, their preferences and their in-store behaviour. Leverage this knowledge to improve your relationships, business and increase your customer's' basket size. 

  • Real-time in-store inventory analytics

Track every product on the shelf to evaluate compliance with your planograms and campaigns. Misplaced and out-of-the-shelf products are detected in real-time and information is constantly gathered to optimize your operations and supply-chain decisions. 

  • Sensei BI Platform

Mine in-store data and process it via a fully-integrated, enterprise-calibre retail BI platform. Harness the power of data with predictive analysis to make better, more informed decisions.

  • Scalable

Technology designed to easily deploy across multiple existing stores and expand as your operations grow.

  • Smart

Merge digital and physical retail. Deliver the seamless shopping experience that modern customer needs.

  • Sustainable

Smarter inventory management and low running costs. Your stores’ value proposition will be unbeatable.

About the Company

Sensei is a scalable, seamless store-wide solution that empowers the stores of the future to be check-out and cash free. Through an integrated system of cameras and AI algorithms, Sensei enables a new era of Phygital stores able to capture in-store product data and shoppers’ activities, to offer a wealth of analytics and a smooth, frictionless shopping experience. 

Launched in mid-2017, after graduating from Techstars, Sensei is a fast-growing retail tech startup created to help millions of people around the world to have a better shopping experience. 

Like many great solutions, Sensei was born from the frustration of the founders with the time lost shopping, so we've built technology to make existing stores autonomous and cashierless. Today, Sensei is one of the few companies in the world capable of delivering a fully autonomous store powered by Artificial Intelligence. This isn’t just an update: This is the future of retail.

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