Setstory: Foot-Traffic API

Setstory: Foot-Traffic API

Setmusic LLC


Retailers use beacons to converge existing foot-traffic. Setmusic uses beacons to drive entirely new foot-traffic. By making exclusive music unlock-able at retail locations, Setmusic creates an alternate way to compensate artists, an enjoyable "ad" experience for music streamers, & delivers completely new foot-traffic to retailers.


  • Create an experience for your customer that matches your brand
  • Automate retail-brand digital marketing campaign
  • Complete transperency as store owners are only charged per customer walk-through at a predetermined price

About the Company

We bring the right customers to the right retail brands at the right price. Through Setcoins, our bitcoin geo-caching app, & Setmine, our music streaming platform, we incentivize users to "unlock" free bitcoin or exclusive music at participating retailers. Retail owners, on Setstory, monitor the incoming foot-traffic & push custom discounts/experiences to users on both Setcoins & Setmine. 

The goal is to become the Salesforce of retailers & to license our SetAPI out to any consumer app that's looking for a new way to distribute content & drive revenue.