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You treat yourself: For all the good you're doing, you deserve a treat in return.

Your store gets better: Stores get alerted and move to fix the issue.

You help fellow shoppers: Fellow shoppers experience better product availability.

Your favorite brands learn: Brands use your feedback to improve their execution and availability.


  • OUT OF STOCK? Is the product you're looking for not on the shelf?
  • TELL US: Take a [SHELFIE] & let us know where it's happening.
  • GET REWARDED: Earn points to redeem for coupons & gift cards.

About the Company

Shelfie is made by CJ & Edward, collectively The Shelfie Team. We are part of the 2014 class of The Brandery and our team gets stuff done (and can be usually found) somewhere in between Boston, Cincinnati or Puerto Rico.

We're on a mission to change how marketing research is done by harnessing the power of consumers and image processing.

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