Shift Messenger

Shift Messenger

Shift Messenger


Shift Messenger is a free group messaging app for work. You and your coworkers can use it for shift swaps and group messaging without sharing your private phone numbers with one another. No more endless text messaging about shift swaps or scheduling!

Are you a manager or a business owner in retail, restaurants, or hospitality? Shift Messenger makes team communication much easier by bringing every employee into the same free app. Managers can approve every employee shift swap right from the app and make important announcements in the app via group messaging instead of either making dozens of phone calls or text messaging to private phone numbers. The app also makes employee scheduling much easier by enabling shift managers to instantly share the shift calendar with every employee.


  • Getting shifts covered: Employees and managers can instantly notify coworkers when they need a shift covered
  • Save time: No need to call a team meeting for every piece of information you communicate.
  • Make more money : More customers today than expected? Easily call in team members without making dozens of phone calls.

About the Company

We’re on a mission to improve the work lives of shift workers (retail, restaurants, healthcare). We build communications tools to help them solve everyday work problems, connect to their workplace communities, and build professional identities.

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