Shopper Engagement Point System

Shopper Engagement Point System

SeeIn Systems Inc.


Seein Systems is a retail technology company that has developed an intelligent interactive shopping assistant platform which integrates unique real-time analytics capabilities to bring the future of shopping to local stores and malls.  The interactive shopping assistant platform helps local shoppers save time and money, and while doing this we enable retailers to better understand their in-store customer's preferences without collection any personal information.


  • Help customers find products and deals quickly and easily.
  • Never miss another customer engagement.
  • Interaction builds shopper analytics.

About the Company

SeeIn Systems, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based Product Location Based Services Company that develops hardware and software systems to bring the Internet of Things to local shopping. SeeIn Systems gives shoppers all the hyper-local information they need to easily find a product nearby. Our product is a Shopper Engagement Point System which is a large format touchscreen systems which integrates shopper analytics, mobile linking technologies, and system awareness to form an intelligent system which is adaptable to user’s preferences while providing easy access to highly relevant site specific information.

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