Shopperations: Co-Marketing and JBP Software for Retail and Brand Marketers and their Agencies

Shopperations: Co-Marketing and JBP Software for Retail and Brand Marketers and their Agencies

Shopperations Research & Technology, LLC

Shopperations: Co-Marketing and JBP Software for Retail and Brand Marketers and their Agencies


Shopperations Research & Technology's web-based application saves time and increases productivity of Co-op Marketing Event coordination and Joint Business Planning efforts by giving Retail Marketing and Merchandising teams easy and intuitive tools to manage their conversations with the Brand Vendor community, raise sponsorship funds and coordinate creative asset sharing with the selected group of Brand sponsors.

Shopperations allows retail Marketing and Merchandisign teams to:

  • Align internally on annual promotional themes and key activation periods
  • Publish the co-marketing opportunties to the enture Brand Vendor community and reach the right decision makers
  • Engage Brand Vendors in meaningful, strategic dialogue not only during the annual JBP meetings but throughout the year
  • Track Brand Vendor commitments and streamline negotiations prior to contracts formal submission
  • Simplify creative asset exchange between internal creative team or agency and Brand Vendor partners


  1. One of the biggest benefita for Retailers is ability to capture and steer their fair share of the $36Bn in shopper marketing budgets that are spent annually in the US alone.
  2. Shopperations can save up to 40% of time for co-markeitng programs coordinators spend today in disconnected documents, email and meetings with Brand Vendor partners.

About the Company

Collaboration Platform for Retail, Brand and Agency Marketers Shopperations is a SaaS tool for Brand and Retail Marketers that helps Plan, Estimate, Execute and Analyze Shopper Marketing Promotions.

SHOPPERATIONS FOR RETAIL lets retail marketers publish co-marketing events and raise sponsorship funds from Brand sponsors and collaborate with them on event execution.

SHOPPERATIONS FOR BRANDS lets shopper marketers design retail-specific promotions, collaborate with Sales teams and Shopper Marketing Agencies to sell in, execute and track event performance.

Shopperations is the first of a kind software for Shopper Marketing industry that is currently mired by Excel and Powerpoint as a primary means of communications and planning. Shopperations is easy to set up, affordable to license and, unlike many enterprise applications, is designed by the industry veterans and has simple and intuitive interface. We will deliver instant ROI because we improve productivity, transparency and accountability of marketing spend in highly complex and messy space.

Olga Yurovski started Shopperations after spending many years in CPG Shopper Marketing space because she saw tremendous opportunities to streamline the workflow and build more trust and transparency between the Retail and Brand Manufacturing communities. Everyone talks about building stronger partnerships, we are here to provide a platform to finally make it happen.