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Being non-customer-centric is the biggest threat to any business.

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    Shoppi is an innovative mobile commerce and social media platform that allows you to sell to and mesh with a mobile, on-the-go audience. It also operates as a ‘Point of Sale’ software, allowing you to accept face to face payments through in-store hardware. With ShoppiGo, you can access a wealth of active shoppers without any need for additional SEO or marketing budgets; our software handles all this for you. The Shoppi marketplace breaks from traditional online shopping, allowing you to engage with audience via multimedia content, such as videos, blogs and images. This way, you can contemplate current, and attract new audiences. Shoppi stores all sales, traffic and other key data, and presents it to you in the form of info graphics, so that you gain simplified and vital insights into your business. Streamline your sales process and increase your business agility, all with Shoppi.



    #1 POS that offer access to a vibrant shoppers community.

    An easy and affordable way to find new mobile customers and get paid immediately.

    Order Management & Real-time Stats

    Our POS system gives you the power to manage your orders, all in one place, and enables you to see real time analytics; helping you to be more productive.

    Sync your Social Media Facebook & Twitter

    Intermesh payment through your most popular social media platforms, and monetize your engagement.

    Import your XML catalog, with PayPal Integration

    Upload your entire stock and service brochure to promote, manage and grow.

    99.9% Uptime, integrated security, and 24/7 support.

    Our POS system boasts serious reliability and we are always here to help out.

    About the Company

    Shoppi offers a personalized shopping experience and connects vendors to users in an engageable way by offering a next-generation POS.

    Our Mission

    Deliver a personalized shopping experience and reduce the gap between offline and online commerce.

    Our address :

    International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct,