Shopping Social Network

Shopping Social Network



Businesses use Aimlistly’s business-facing application, Aim Business. Using Aim Business is an efficient and inexpensive selling tool for businesses who must compete against others in eCommerce. Slightly different than the Aimlistly's consumer-facing application, the business application gives brick and mortar businesses cheap and easy access to eCommerce tools such as an easily maintained website, a way to manage items tagged in their stores, a way to directly communicate with its customers, and, most importantly, a way to sell their in store goods to their customers over the internet.


  • Aimlistly is a social network made exclusively for shoppers and local businesses. Our goal is to get you - and your favorite people - the things that they want by connecting you with the retailers and small businesses located right there in your own community.

About the Company

Aimlistly is a social network and online shopping hub that connects friends and family via "lists" of those things they want. Aimlistly also connects brick and mortar businesses to their consumers. Aimlistly allows consumers, friends, and families to purchase items directly through the social network from those stores they like the most right there in their community. Using the Aimlistly app on your iPhone, Aimlistly helps users buy themselves, their families, or their friends those things they actually want by listing them to their own personal networking space and sharing those items with friends.

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