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ShopScanGo is an automated order, reorder and checkout app. Its integrated into the Clover POS (point of sale) systems for merchants. Checkout, waiting in line by customers at grocery, convenience and retail stores is eliminated. For quick service restaurants and coffee shops the customer order process is reduced to seconds in-store or away. Unlike traditional order, reorder and checkout POS systems that require the expense of clerks, our solution reduces and eliminates clerking saving merchants’ money and making the experience enjoyable for customers. 

ShopScanGo is sold to merchants who in turn offer the app to consumers. 

Requires a merchant account and a Clover point of sale system.

When a consumer enters a merchant's establishment the Clover POS presents their selfie (example above). As they shop using their smartphone with the ShopScanGo app they self-scan items. In real time, from any Clover Stations a merchant can see what consumers are adding to their basket. Once finished shopping the consumer selects the checkout button on their iOS or Android device where the discounts are automatically applied. Based on rules a merchant configures and security algorithms the customer is notified how to pay either with the app or at the checkout counter.


ShopScanGo​​ saves time and enhances the customer's ordering and checkout experience. It leverages self-scanning barcode technology.  It expands the self-ordering, checkout and the reorder solution to customers’ mobile devices. 

  • Lower labor costs by making staff more efficient
  • Increase sales by improving and empowering the customer's experience
  • Increase revenue by reducing cart abandonment and 'walk-a-ways'
  • Reduce losses by employing sophisticated methods previously only available to companies with loss prevention teams
  • Attract new customers by offering the latest in mobile marketing technology
  • Automatically present the right discount to the right customer at the right time​​​​

About the Company

Our skilled team has built and sold technology companies in the device, payment and mobile markets for 25 years. Team members have partnered with and worked for companies such as Sprint Mobile, Teledyne, First Data Corporation. The group has obtained a total of 37 patents in the technology field, sold payment card systems, managed the sale of a large card association and developed software applications for smart phones. We currently have patents pending and many more on file. 

Many of our team members have also occupied executive positions in technology companies where they have also managed hundreds of individuals. We pride ourselves with the high level of involvement and expertise of our board members who bring extensive domestic and international management experience to the table.  

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