Signage and Displays

Signage and Displays

Medallion Retail


We’re invested in the success of your business and the strength of your brand. We’ll take on every aspect of your retail strategy—from visual and experiential design all the way to seamless, on-time, on-target manufacturing, production, fulfillment, and delivery.


  • PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Our program specialists help you make informed decisions on how to support your customers while reinforcing your brand and managing your business.
  • VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN: Our designs deliver immediate value by effectively communicating ideas and concepts that result in unforgettable moments of customer engagement.
  • RETAIL EXPERIENCE DESIGN: Through interactive and emotional experiences across all touchpoints, we create tangible expressions of your brand, putting its best qualities on display.

About the Company

We've been living and breathing retail for more than fifty years, and nothing excites us more than the opportunity to use our know-how to get your brand the attention—and market share—it deserves.

Our strategy begins with a careful examination of your brand’s DNA—everything from how you connect with your audience to how your customers shop. Backed by a half-century of industry experience, our award-winning team of experts utilizes the intelligence we gather to design customized shopping environments that perfectly suit the needs of your brand and customers. To bring these designs to life, we deploy turnkey planning and implementation services.

Ultimately, we give you the most effective, most efficient tools available to boost your bottom-line at point-of-sale—and beyond.

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