MoleScope™ - Skin Screening Made Simple

MoleScope™ - Skin Screening Made Simple



MoleScope™ by MetaOptima is designed to help you track and monitor your moles over time to ensure they are receiving the attention they need.
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How Does MoleScope Work? Use the MoleScope device and app to scan your moles and track changes over time. Share high-quality pictures with your dermatologist.

  1. The MoleScope device attaches to your smartphone, allowing you to perform fast and reliable mole checks from home.
  2. Use the MoleScope device to take high-quality images of your moles.
  3. MoleScope’s app will guide you through a self-check and image analysis of your mole.
  4. Securely send your mole images to your dermatologist for an online mole checkup.
  5. Have peace of mind. You will receive feedback from your doctor through the app about whether your mole is suspicious.

DermEngine™: Your MoleScope app connects seamlessly with the DermEngine web platform. Log in to DermEngine with your MoleScope email and password to access additional mole imaging tools and view all of your images on your desktop.

About the Company

Delivering innovative digital healthcare solutions. 

MetaOptima Technology Inc. brings you MoleScope: a device designed to help users track and monitor their moles over time for early detection and diagnosis of skin cancer. MoleScope can reduce unnecessary visits to the clinic and provide better quality of care by giving priority to patients who require immediate attention. - 

MetaOptima's vision is to bring digital healthcare and mobile technologies together, providing patients with easier access to medical information, more control over their health needs, and most importantly, peace of mind. We are focused on empowering high-risk patients with mobile health technologies, and providing tools for regular skin screening and the early detection of skin cancer.

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