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Connect Your POS and eCommerce with SKU IQ. 

Integrated Commerce Platform for Retailers with an Online and Physical Store.


  • POS Sync: Use SKU IQ to sync your in-store POS inventory to your eCommerce site, eliminating double data entry.
  • Real-Time Inventory: When something sells in-store, your website auto adjusts. And vice versa. Eliminate reconciliations and inaccurate sales. Show your customers what’s actually in-stock at all times.
  • Omni-Channel Checkout: Connect your existing eCommerce or upgrade to a SKU Commerce website. With POS integrated eCommerce sites, retailers can do so much more 
  • including Same-Day Delivery, Buy and Pick Up In-Store, and Reserve to Try In-Store.

About the Company

We are experts in providing omni-channel functionality to retailers, working with their existing technologies both in-store and online. Retailers are leading customers in-store every day with SKU IQ technology, exposing 30% more inventory than before and offering in-store pick up and reserve in-store as standard checkout options. Our retailers are maximizing their competitive advantages to pure online-only e-tailers.

Our team consists of both retail and technology experts.

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