Discover products in a snap. Use Slyce visual search to find products inspired by the objects you see out in the real world, in print catalogs or in photos. 

Snap to Buy

  • Identify virtually any product in a user generated photograph. Slyce converts a photograph into hyper-specific product descriptions, which are utilized to search a retailer’s product API or product database. 

Snap from Catalog

  • Deliver an exact match to any known reference image, catalog image, or barcode. Simply hover over the item and instantly identify the product with a sub-second response time. 

Snap to List

  • When you're creating a shopping list or wish list or registry, you don't just want to scan and find one item—you may want dozens of them. Snap to List describes a use case where consumers can leverage visual search to find and shop multiple products at one, and dynamically build their shopping list. 

Snap to Coupon

  • Never forget a coupon at home again. Pioneered by Slyce's own SnipSnap app, this use case describes the simple act of scanning a printed coupon in order to transform it to a mobile coupon, saved on your smartphone. Slyce's Coupon Author SDK works hand-in-hand with our Visual Search SDK to power the entire coupon experience, from coupon snap to in-store redemption.

The Visual Search SDK

The Slyce Visual Search SDK is a plug & play mobile solution that wraps many advanced image recognition processes into one simple universal scanner. Offer your customers a new innovative search experience that allows snapping or scanning any object around them to receive immediate exact match or similar results online.

In working with dozens of retailers at Slyce, we’ve found that product search is just one of many visual-search functions that add value to retailer apps. Catalog scanning and barcode scanning are often every bit as useful. Our Software Development Kit combines these and other scanning modes into one unified camera class. Your users can access all the functionality simply by tapping on the camera icon in your app. Our SDK seamlessly handles barcodes, QR codes, coupons, and any real world image. Your users can access all the functionality simply by tapping on the camera icon in your app.


Mobile photography combined with visual search to create an incredible retail moment 

Increase user engagement

  • Help users find exactly what they’re looking for through search by image and visually similar products

Simplify product discovery

  • Connect users with more content through a better browsing experience based on visual similarity and auto-categorization

Bridge the gap between the print and digital storefronts

  • Make the path from inspiration to conversion quick, easy and fun with interactive print recognition 


Slyce’s visual search handles 1, 2 and 3 dimensional images, providing retailers an easily integrated, complete scanning solution. 

  • Product Recognition
    • Identify a product in a photograph and create specific product descriptions to search a product API or database. 
  • Barcode Recognition
    • Instantly recognize barcodes in your app with multi-format support for 1D & 2D barcode types. 
  • Print Recognition
    • Deliver an exact match to any known reference image or catalog image 
  • Find Similar
    • Create a visually similar result set based on the visual attributes and metadata extracted from the image.

About the Company

Slyce's visual search technology can be used by retailers, brands & publishers to allow shoppers to transact at the moment of inspiration. Slyce provides retailers, brands & publishers the ability to target new customers and maximize returns from existing customers. Using our mobile technology, customers can take photos of products they see in the real world, receive results with identical or similar matched products and make a purchase immediately.

Slyce is proud to work with retailers including Neiman Marcus, Tilly's and more.

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