Smart-Carts for Supermarkets

Smart-Carts for Supermarkets

CartPay Co.


We are developing a solution for the retail network using smart-carts, which allow customers to pay for goods instantly put in their baskets, which leads to increased profits and increased retail customer loyalty.

The choice of goods

1) The buyer scans the bar code of the goods
2) Discovers price and shelf life product
3) Puts goods in the smart-cart
4) Goes to the next product, filling the smart-cart on a course of movement in the store

Payment for goods

1) The buyer comes to the usual self-service checkout terminal or
2) If the buyer no comments, he pays the goods, without shifting and rescanning

Mobile application (opt.)

-Maintain shopping lists
-Get detailed information on this product
-Do not forget the products for favorite recipe
-Quickly find items using the navigation around the store
-And much more


  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Increase the flow of customers.
  • Increase profits.

About the Company

CartPay - it is a system for self-service customers of retail networks using the smart shopping carts. 
We offer a shopping solution that will: 

- save using existing equipment; 
- improve customer loyalty, saving them time; 
- collect statistics on purchases; 
- advertise goods and services.

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