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Smart Clothing



Enflux smart clothing has 10 embedded 3D motion sensors. Simply put on Enflux and record the full motion of your body while you exercise. Our app provides real-time, actionable feedback on how to improve your athletic performance, just like a coach. Use the advanced metrics Enflux provides to take your game to the next level. And it’s as simple as putting on a shirt.


  • THE FUTURE OF EXERCISE: Take your performance to the next level with full 3D form analysis
  • ADVANCED EXERCISE METRICS: Olympic-caliber coaching and feedback available in our app
  • SIMPLE: Using enflux is as simple as putting on a shirt

About the Company

  • Machine Washable: Fully-machine washable. Enflux is engineered and tested to last more wash cycles than the gym clothing you already own.
  • Real-Time Results: Get instantaneous feedback – alerts in realtime when your form is breaking down and detailed coaching after every set.
  • Audio Feedback: Our app can communicate via audio feedback. Stay focused on your workout and leave your phone in your pocket or anywhere within 30 feet
  • 2 Week Battery Life: Enflux is engineered using the latest in Bluetooth Low Energy. Battery life will last over two weeks of use.
  • Advanced FitnessTracking: More than just sets and reps, Enflux smart clothing tracks range of motion, velocity, body-positioning, and other advanced metrics that are critical to maximizing your athletic potential.
  • Olympic Caliber-Coaching For Everyone: Advanced metrics, actionable feedback – Enflux is a coach in your pocket. Our technology makes the advanced analysis that only Olympians have access to  available to everyone.
  • Heartrate Monitor: A heartrate monitor and oxygen sensor are embedded in the Enflux shirt to give you a full-record of cardio activity during running, sprinting, and even  weightlifting.
  • A Fitness Wearable You Actually Wear

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