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Smart Food

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Ok yes, we also love meat, cheese, milk and eggs, but isn't it a ridiculously inefficient, harmful and inhumane way to get our nutrition? What if we could use less water, less energy and less land to generate the same experience? This would change everything right? So... Why Not?

We make genuinely delicious, nutritious and affordable foods. Oh! and we only use plants to make them.

The current food system is broken -no doubts about it- so we decided to come up with something new, something fresh, a whole new way that will bring great taste and enhance nutrition availability while taking care of the environment. 

That's when we said: "let's science things up a notch (or two)!"

If we asked Science what's the best way to feed the 7.1 billion people that live on this planet, the answer wouldn't be animals.

So we decided to ask Giuseppe; not a human but an artificial intelligence model, programmed to become the smartest Food Scientist on earth. Giuseppe is set to enhance nutrition availability while taking care of the environment, so it not only understands human perception of taste and texture suggesting clever recipes to create tasty foods, but it also understands there's a relative availability and use of resources for every single living thing.

Giuseppe's work indicates we should not be feeding plants to animals in order to get our meat, cheese, milk and eggs; but we should be using plants to actually make them. 



About the Company

NotCo is a Food Tech startup that creates innovative & disruptive food products combining artificial intelligence with applied scientific knowledge. Based in Santiago, Chile.

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