Smart Phone and Tablet Merchandising Security Solutions

Smart Phone and Tablet Merchandising Security Solutions



When the sensor is compact and user friendly, it becomes intelligent. When it is intelligent, yet offers durability and low maintenance cost, it becomes the perfect tool for the retailers of today. 

The Easy Family is simple, easy-to-install, durable, user friendly, yet visually appealing. 

TSS-10 (Small) : The smallest member of Easy Family the TSS 10 is for displays that are challenged for space or those that prefer flat display positioning on walls and tables.Ideal for wall and table installation. Only for line-alarm. 

TSM-10 (Medium): The medium size solution offers angled positioning for your display products. Only for line-alarm. 

TSL-10 (Large): The highest positioning Phone&Tablet solution guarantees more attention to display products. Order the Line-Alarm version or Stand-Alone version where connectivity is an issue. 


  • Built-in Charging Lead with Alarm (Micro USB or Apple Lightning).No Need for Secondary Sensors.
  • Integrated Lock-Down Feature.
  • Charging Capability: 5V, 2A.

About the Company

Shopguard Systems Limited provides tailor-made shop security, display merchandising, and interactive visual in-store media solutions for retailers all over the world. 

Shopguard has supplied more than 30,000 retail stores worldwide in over 40 countries in the past 20 years. Today, Shopguard possesses a network of subsidiaries in Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the UK, Ukraine, and the US, and has distributors in most other countries of the world. 

Shopguard is also proud to be known as a company with great flexibility when it comes to satisfying the customer’s needs by redesigning, customizing, and developing our products to best meet the customer’s expectations and doing all this in the shortest period of time possible. 

Shopguard owns dozens of patents, protecting our intellectual property worldwide.

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