Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts



flexReceipts empowers top retailers like GNC, Aldo Shoes and Oakley to send smart, dynamic email receipts to their customers.  Using the flexReceipts Merchant Portal, retailers can design receipt templates and insert targeted dynamic content based on a customer's purchases, loyalty status, basket amount and much more.  Customers receive their own, customized receipt within seconds, which can feature warranty information, re-order buttons, product recommendations and bonus offers.


  • Capture Your Customer's Most Reliable Contact Information
  • Grow Your Reach with 85% Open Rates
  • Engage Your Customer with Dynamic, Relevant Content
  • Improve the Omni-Channele Experience by Tying In-Store Purchases to Online Services
  • Get Insights from Every Sale with Rich Analytics
  • Manage Everything in a Convenient Online Portal

About the Company

flexReceipts is the leading provider of smart, dynamic email receipts for retailers, empowering industry leaders like GNC, Aldo and Oakley to capture millions of high quality email addresses and deliver customized, ROI-driven email receipts to their customers.

flexReceipts goes beyond sending PDF versions of outdated in-store receipts and enables smart HTML receipts that capitalize on open rates as high as 85%.  Clients use a simple user-friendly dashboard to include customer surveys, product recommendations, targeted warranty information, social media sharing buttons and more.  With line-item data on billions of dollars of in-store purchases, flexReceipts also provides highly valuable analytics, customer profiling capabilities and the ability to export customer segments for targeted remarketing.

The company is backed by Y Combinator, strategic investor Synchrony Financial and other high profile investors.

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