The best customization experiences are built with SmartPixels. SmartPixels is an all-in-one platform to help you design, sell and produce customized products. Show the right content with dynamic product visuals.

Design unforgettable experiences


Deliver a memorable, seamless shopping experience at every touchpoint with SmartPixels’ recognized technology.
Take a look at our show-reel and learn how we can help you grow your net promoter score. 

Drive new revenue growth

Sell more.

SmartPixels’ customers have experienced increase in conversion rate and upsell.
Complex products become as easy to sell as off-the-shelf items thanks to our sales supports tools. Try us and achieve ROI faster than ever.

Keep production under control.

Integrated into your existing production line

Reduce mistakes, track sales, and automate repetitive production tasks with the SmartPixels’ platform and save hours of manual effort.
Feel confident about manufacturing and delivering the custom products you sold.  


Improve your digital strategy and your physical shops by offering an innovative and memorable client experience that combines both. Tell your stories and enhance your brand image by giving life and energy to your vitrines, products and displays. 

Attract & Engage

  • We guarantee that people will stop & look when seeing an animated product. They will film it, share it on social media, they will tell their friends and family. They will remember it. They will interact with it.

 Analyse & Manage your content

  • Update models, visuals & animations remotely to adapt to locations, seasons and clients. Gather data from client interactions and manage your visuals accordingly.


Tools to empower every team


We make your salespeople unstoppable.

  • Spark the conversation and make it personal.
  • Display all products, regardless of inventory.
  • Connect to inventory, ERP, marketing&social tools.
  • Get daily reports on sales and product popularity.


Everything your need to sell customization online.

  • Display thousands of possible product combinations with our rendering platform.
  • Product visuals become interactive inside a customer journey you’ve designed.
  • Automatically produce shareable social media content.
  • Easy integration into the main e-commerce platforms.


Reduce costs, production errors and lead time.

  • Error-free capture of the production definition wherever the sales was made.
  • Automating production files in the right format.
  • Producing instructions files with different steps to completion.
  • Integrated into your ERP.

About the Company

SmartPixels develops interactive customization solutions. We unite expert 3Dartists, developers & experience designers to create dynamic design applications. Our solutions benefit customization offers every step of the way, through client facing interactive experiences, online configurators, while producingaccurate manufacturing files & consumer data. Combined with artistic & educative animations our experiences catch the customers’ attention, spark impactful conversations and boosts user-generated content.

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