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The first-ever socially engaging point of sale software.

Powerful & Intuitive: iPad technology to put you in control of your business Meet smartPOS, the intelligent point of sale software that is transforming the way you do business, sell to and connect with customers. Feature rich with a powerful set of myCircle smartTools, smartPOS runs on an iPad making it easy to be in control of your business from wherever you are.

Powerful Apps to connect with your customers: Create extraordinary customer relationships with marketing that is very targeted, personal and real time. myCircle’s smartSocial tools enable you to connect with customers on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter without ever leaving your smartPOS. Publicise specials, offer discounts and share news.

Breakthrough Analytics: Get more out of your business. Say goodbye to time-consuming, complicated and manual reporting. Now it’s time to simplify and streamline. With smartReport’s detailed views, reports and charts, it’s easy to spot patterns and business opportunities in real time. And it’s accessible anytime, anywhere at the tap of an icon button.

Anytime, Anyplace: Stay connected to your business. Your business is stored in the cloud so you can run your business from anywhere, anytime, real-time. Never miss a sale with our true offline capabilities. The smartDashboard is accessible from your personal computer or iPad. Set-up and control all of your business matters from one unified location.


  • smartPOS: smartPOS is your powerful point of sale solution running on an easy to use iPad. Ring sales, manage products, employees, reports and social media all from the same place. It’s all here, running on an iPad designed with your business in mind.
  • smartSet-up: myCircle’s intuitive smartAdmin Dashboard is your web management centre, available anywhere anytime on your iPad or computer. Navigate administrative functions, reporting, social marketing and other business intelligence tools with just a few taps. It’s simple to set-up, personalise and customisable for you.
  • Never Miss a Sale: Always available and secure, smartPOS is cloud-based with true offline abilities. This means you never miss a sale and can keep working, even if your Internet connection isn’t. Your data syncs effortlessly when you come back online.

About the Company

"Buying and Selling from a Whole New Perspective" 

myCircle was founded in 2012 by three seasoned, senior executives with extensive start-up and international experience in leading global organisations such as: Microsoft, Starbucks, WPP, Vodafone, Chorion, Powa Technologies and IMI Mobile. 

myCircle is revolutionising merchant and consumer experiences. myCircle is a POS Consumer Engagement Retail Platform and Data company. Built as a cloud-based SaaS enterprise scale system, and delivered through applications for mobile smart devices–tablets and computers for the retail & hospitality industries and smartphones for consumers—myCircle is reimagining a more valuable buying and selling experience for both consumers and retailers. 

Our reimagined POS (smartPOS) App service interface and integrated Consumer App (myCircles) enables retailers to provide consumers with choice, convenience and a simple way to pay along with ways to manage their mobile payments, loyalty, offers and share experiences and deals with their trusted ‘circle of friends’. 

Standard to myCircle’s services are product features that help retailers drive greater profitable growth through increased efficiency, real-time sales, product and performance insights.

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