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SMI Safety Staffing & Consulting



SMI has been providing contract safety professionals for construction projects and safety consulting services to general industry since 2001: From industrial and commercial construction to disaster restoration; from food manufacturing to chemicals, our services include facility audits, program development and review, and safety training.

What has made us unique, though, is our prequalification service. For nearly a decade we’ve helped companies streamline their information management needs, prequalifying thousands of contractors every year to work at hundreds of facilities and construction sites around the country.

We’re excited about the second generation of this service that is now provided under the name FIRST, VERIFY, with an easy-to-use web application that helps companies manage information for all types of vendors.


  • Whether you need temporary safety staff, consulting or pre qualification services, SMI Safety is ready to provide you with outstanding service.

About the Company

FIRST, VERIFY helps you manage your vendors' self-reported information. If your current system involves auditing vendor information - whether desktop audits or on-site audits – FIRST, VERIFY can provide this service as well. Just ask us about it!

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