Solchroma Technolgies

Solchroma Technolgies

Solchroma Technolgies


Full-color reflective digital signage


Benefits that matter

  • Digital anywhere

Solchroma's reflective technology, like standard vinyl, does not emit light. And while many local regulations and ordinances place strict limits on light-emitting LED displays, Solchroma's digital signage technology can go many more places than where LEDs are allowed. 

  • Low power 

Solchroma's signage display technology only requires power to switch from one image to the next. Unlike LED technology, Solchroma’s displays use only ambient lighting, significantly reducing power consumption and creating unprecedented opportunities to be powered exclusively by solar panels. 

  • Light and thin

Built from advanced lightweight materials, Solchroma’s display technology is inherently light and thin, designed for seamless installation on the same structures that currently support vinyl billboards. Eliminating the need for structural reinforcement allows sign operators to avoid costly and time-consuming permitting and construction.

About the Company

Solchroma Technologies is building the world's most vivid, reflective displays for large-area digital signage and related applications. Our revolutionary new display technology will enable low-cost, energy-efficient, and regulatory-friendly digital billboards that will create stronger community relationships and drive growth in the Out-of-Home advertising industry. Wireless connectivity between signs will enable massive proliferation of synergistic network effects such as saturation/programmatic advertising and PSAs, seamlessly plugging into the Smart Cities and IoT paradigm.

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