Solution for multichannel trading (auctioning)

Solution for multichannel trading (auctioning)



The current market of auctions is shaped by the technical monopoly of record keeping; data, bids, participants, deposits, all registered by the single service provider. Technical limitation affects the entire business process and forms the market as clustered or centralised under sole platform.

So each re-marketing agent is forced to split effort and work both on getting exclusively the inventory from suppliers and additionally attract buyers, but once the deal is made with the seller, reward commission is guaranteed and no competition exists on client side for service delivery, as other platforms are completely left out from the process. On the other side, sellers, especially with various inventory have to partner with multiple re-marketing agents but no single product exists to easily manage all these processes. 

Shelf is the full stack solution for perfecting the online auction trades. It is the network that allows asset distribution and multichannel auctioning on various e-commerce webpages simultaneously, in real time, without central administrator or bidding server. 

Shelf provides solution for managing entire auctioning process:
Lot creation
- simple compiler, standardised by asset category that allows seller to pre-program and track the entire process and features of auctioning.

Distribution - automatic replication of smart packaged auctioning lots, that guarantees the immutability of the pre-determined framework of trades on each trading platform.

Communication - messaging service that allows direct communication through protocol between the seller - sub agents and buyers.

Auctioning - through distributed ledger technology, providing simultaneous real time bidding and momentous exchange of information between multiple e-commerce webpages.

Payment management - verification of deposits and automatic settlement commission payment to the winning re-marketing platform. 

Shelf is a global accessible network for cooperation, bringing much wider pool of buyers through enhancing competition among re-marketing businesses. 



Shelf is a global accessible network for cooperation, bringing much wider pool of buyers through enhancing competition among re-marketing businesses. 


  • Access to multiple sub-agents
  • Cutting costs
  •  Easy administration
  • Building trusted networks
  • Transparency


  • Free inventory pools by asset type
  • Easy diversification
  • Commission based income
  • Building additional app. services
  • Cutting cost on infrastructure 

We envision Shelf.Network as a universal multi channel platform for collaboration, that allows the creation of auctioning web, based on geography, asset types, where certain group of agents, merchants, sellers can operate in truly global ecosystem of trades. 

About the Company

Our prime goal is to build multichannel trade ecosystem for used car auctions among inventory suppliers of: off-lease, off-rent, fleet, repossessed, trade in cars and re-marketing dealer websites. Ecosystem would easy scale into transnational auctions; as cars, as an asset already have high liquidity (around 10m units auctioned in US), are traded online, and naturally flow from western markets to eastern world.

Next goal is to diversify by asset types and enter foreclosure market (around 150bn market value in US). Consolidation of sales agents through will offer lenders and even local counties universal tool of distributed auctioning, while maintaining the neutrality in appointing the sale agents. On a larger scale it will accelerate the formation of this market, decreasing the entry barriers and raise the liquidity of trades.