Squareggs: Bakery Delivery

Squareggs: Bakery Delivery

Bright Owls Inc.


We Deliver From the Finest Bakeries Near You.

Thorough Bread and Pastry in the Castro excels at making breads that are as pretty on the outside as they are flawlessly constructed on the inside.

How it Works?

  • Choose your plan: After you sign up, we will send you a link and you can choose your plan.
  • Schedule delivery: Pick your delivery time and tell us your address, we'll deliver your bread.
  • Get the bread at your door: Get the hot and fresh out of oven bread at your door every week.



  • Refer Your Friends: Let your friends taste fresh & healthy bread and you get rewarded at the same time
  • Share with your friends: After you sign up, we will send you the referral code to share with your friends.
  • They Sign Up: Your friends subscribe with us and they thank you for sharing awesome fresh bread.
  • You get One Week FREE *: When your friends subscribe for two weeks, you get one week FREE.

About the Company

We are Squareggs, the online platform for baked goods. We connect local mom-n-pop and home bakers to consumers. Squareggs enables consumers to discover, subscribe, and get fresh baked goods delivered from local and home bakeries. Squareggs takes the pain of marketing, handling online ordering and delivery, away from bakers and enables them to simply enjoy baking. 

How do you currently discover and order that gluten-free chocolate cake near you or that fresh and organic bread for your breakfast? 

Are you ready to fundamentally change the way people find and consume baked goods?

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