Staqu Technologies


Our current suite of services & products: 

  • Visual Search  
  • Automated Meta-Tags Generation
  •  Visual Recommendation
  • Complete Look Recommendation
  • Real Time Video Processing
  • OEM  
  • Customized Solutions​



For any problem that involves analysing images and extracting valuable information from it, Staqu can provide a solution. Currently, we are caramelizing our research papers with the engineering brilliance of our team to churn our super awesome products for all our partners. 

  • Face Recognition 
  • Gesture Recognition 
  • Emotion Recognition 
  • Pose Estimation
  • Intruder Detection


About the Company

Re-defining search through Artificial Intelligence. 

Computer vision isn't just object recognition anymore. At Staqu, we explore and innovate to develop intelligent products for industries and consumers.

Intelligent systems such as biometrics, image understanding, data driven analytics, recommendation engines, visual automation systems have their own complexities and characteristics that are known to the field experts only. Staqu provides a one-stop solution for all the aforementioned areas with researchers and industry experts working together to provide state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

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