Application Solutions: 

Enhance your business, improve your market share

We offer the very best in application solutions.

SMS Store Management Solution
SMS is a complete “Suite” of integrated applications designed specifically for the grocery retail industry. This system will give you the tools to run your business with ease. Regardless of single or multi-store environments, your business will have powerful, affordable means to compete in this competitive marketplace.

ACE Retail Store Solution
Toshiba SurePOS ACE is designed for independent grocers and specialty food retailers who want to improve reliability and customer service at the POS. A customer display allows for in-lane advertising and a touch screen interface for speedy checkout. 

4690 Operating System
Specially engineered for supermarkets and drug store chains, this application provides high-volume scanning, enhanced security, and powerful promotion features.

Talk to STCR, Inc. to learn how you can take advantage of the many options to enhance the payment process and reduce your operating costs.

Back Office Solutions
We offer the most comprehensive and cost effective retail store systems available in the industry. As a system integrator, we offer our clients the technology to run their back office as efficiently as they run their front end. We can help you implement a back office system that will give you access to a wide range of management tools.

Frequent Shopper Solutions
STCR can help you select a solution for managing customer relationships while accomplishing marketing objectives using behavior-based loyalty.

POS Devices: 

Your choice of truly integrated and affordable systems

With more than one million placed worldwide, choose from one of our Toshiba SurePOS series. These systems deliver the proven performance grocers need to help keep their stores running smoothly and protect profitability. Choose from:  


Toshiba SurePOS 300
The new Toshiba SurePOS 300 Series brings smarter store solutions to small and midsized retailers who need a high-performing, energy-efficient point-of-sale system with a small footprint—and at the lowest cost.

Toshiba SurePOS 500
The Toshiba SurePOS 500 with advanced touchscreen technology provides the ultimate point-of-sale tools to deliver powerful functions that energize the customer experience.  

Toshiba SurePOS 700
The award-winning, energy-efficient SurePOS 700 is Toshiba's most powerful point-of-sale system, delivering maximum performance, service-ability, energy efficiency and adaptability to drive today’s smarter store solutions.

Toshiba Wave
A distinctive, sleek design with an extra-wide screen for better display and interaction. The TCxWave by Toshiba delivers a unique and engaging experience for associates and customers that puts it in a class of its own. 

Flexible, scalable, and with dual internal hard drives, these store controllers have the ability to grow with your application requirements.  

Self Checkout 

Proven hardware and innovative software combined

Build and maintain customer loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, and enhance the shopping experience through speed and convenience with Toshiba Self Checkout Systems. Toshiba Self Checkout Systems now can support a broad range of consumer preferences for payment, such as cash and cashless transactions, and offer a variety of belted or scan-and-bag extensions that fit the needs of just about any retail environment.


  • Ultimate usability innovates how consumers transact. A consumer-driven ergonomic design and highly intuitive user interface help to optimize throughput and boost loyalty.
  • Complete solution manageability increases availability. Front-end serviceable hardware systems and an end-to-end systems management solution optimize system uptime for around-the-clock store operations.
  • Greater control and flexibility extend functionality. New CHEC software puts control back into your hands, making it easier to manage and maintain a highly reliable, available self checkout environment.
  • Industry-leading POS integration improves reliability. A new high-level, point-of-sale (POS) interface facilitates a more robust client/server integration, helping increase reliability and making investing in self checkout easier than ever.

Belted Models include:

  •  Belted models deliver exceptional utilization and throughput
  •  Increased flexibility with range of bagging options available
  •  Unmatched security
  •  Cashless option available

Scan and Bag Models include:

  • Two-bag or three-bag models
  • Fast and easy for shoppers to process orders
  • Security features to help reduce shrink
  • Range of models offer the ultimate flexibility
  • Cashless option available


Everything you need for your POS and more

At STCR, we offer the full complement of devices, software, add-ons, and other solutions to ensure accuracy and accountability and increase your bottom line. 


For retailers who want to offer more choices without stocking extra inventory, decrease the time their customers wait in line and improve service while minimizing labor costs.


We can help you select the perfect model for reducing transaction times, customizing receipts and maximizing uptime at the point-of-sale. 


At STCR, we can show you a variety of scanners that will enable you to manage peak customer traffic and increase throughput on existing lanes.

Portable Data Terminals

Let STCR assist you with selecting the latest mobile computing technology designed to master your inventory management applications. 


"STCR works to provide its customers with a competitive edge by bringing new ideas on what works in making a grocer successful." 

"STCR provided a complete solution, from front end to back door receiving to help maintain gross profit."

  • All systems install quickly, with intuitive interfaces.
  • Durable solutions that work hard, run fast, and provide consistently outstanding uptime.
  • STCR's unmatched support team is available any time of day or night to keep your store running smoothly.

Dynamic systems to help you grow

At STCR, we know the industry inside out. We can help you select, implement, and upgrade the exact retail system that you need.

Whether you're using ACE or SMS, our POS systems and full-service customer support will ensure you are investing in a suite of products that will grow with your needs… whether it’s adding features, functions, registers or stores.

It is reassuring knowing that the system you invest in today will be the system that helps you grow in the future.

STCR has the hardware, software, POS systems, accessories, and peripherals to improve profit margins, minimize downtime, and maximize customer satisfaction.

About the Company

STCR is a retail solutions provider with over 52 years of experience in the retail technology space. STCR focuses on the grocery industry and we deliver a best-in-breed suite of software and hardware solutions and services to our customers, which are located all across the United States and internationally. Offering solutions that touch all segments of our customers’ operations, we are an integral part of our customers’ businesses and the grocery industry as a whole. We offer a single core solution with unparalleled features and benefits to our customers around data and analytics, operations, loyalty, as well as provide best-in-class support and service 24/7/365. Our reputation for exceptional customer service and expertise in retail systems has earned us the trust and loyalty of grocers since 1967. We work every day to help grocers overcome challenges, serve their customers and improve their bottom lines.

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