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StopLift - Checkout Vision Systems

StopLift Checkout Vision Systems


StopLift offers a variety of loss prevention and operational improvement solutions. Utilizing patented computer vision technologies, our systems are custom-tailored for the checkout and point-of-sale.

ScanItAll™ Checkout Vision Suite

The ScanItAll Checkout Vision Suite is a collection of StopLift’s video analytics technologies applied to inventory shrinkage at the checkout. ScanItAll automatically analyzes video from checkouts every moment to detect inventory shrinkage visually, even when it leaves no data trail.

ScanItAll detects Sweethearting, Self-Checkout Loss, Basket-Based LossOperational Error, etc.

Enterprise Analytics

StopLift’s MIT roots in hard-core data analytics, scalable cloud infrastructure, and latest user interface design help turn all your complex data, from POS and elsewhere, into flexible easy-to-use actionable information.

Enterprise Analytics is an intuitive and powerful window into your data with customizable “plain English” queries, dynamic reporting, and millisecond-accurate POS-video synchronization. Enterprise Analytics turns your mounds of data into nuggets of insight.

Workflow Wizard

StopLift’s Workflow Wizard analyzes your cashiers’ performance on a weekly basis and provides you with the tools to train your cashiers specifically where they are having trouble. From speed and efficiency and accuracy and loss, Workflow Wizard catches it all and presents the retailer with opportunities to train cashiers and improve performance all around.

Video on Demand

Video on Demand allows retailers to view any transaction, time period, or camera from any store directly from the cloud. Managers can view cameras live, look up historical video to go along with transaction data and more. No more sifting through videos for hours, now our customers can find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily.


Computer Vision

With roots in MIT’s artificial intelligence labs, StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has patented the only technology that successfully detects all forms of shrink at the checkout counter – whether it’s sweethearting, operational misses, basket-based loss, or cashier fraud. Prior to the development of ScanItAll™, sweethearting theft was impossible to detect – but not anymore.
StopLift is the leader in developing new, cutting-edge solutions that will boost retailers’ profitability.

ScanItAll works by automatically analyzing the video provided from retailers’ existing camera systems. By applying advanced computer vision algorithms to the existing camera feeds, the ScanItAll system can see and understand what is going on at the checkout. The system is capable of tracking every item that passes through the checkout lane. In doing so, ScanItAll associates those items within a transaction to the transactional data feed from the Point-of-Sale (POS) system. By comparing the data in the transaction feed with the items that the video analytics sees, the ScanItAll system is able to flag suspicious activity at the checkout.

The system is capable of understanding the full set of fraudulent behaviors, including sweethearting / scan-avoidance when a cashier covers up a bar code by hand or purposely misaligns the scanner and item such that it is not scanned. ScanItAll also detects self-checkout shrink, refund fraud, basket-based loss, operational error, and more.

Web Interface: 

The ScanItAll™ Checkout Vision Suite includes a secure web 2.0 interface to view and analyze actionable incidents detected by StopLift. By combining state-of-the-art web video streaming technology with video-to-transaction log synchronization, the ScanItAll™ web application allows an advanced, intuitive, and easy to use access to actionable incidents on any of the major web browsers without the need of installing additional software.

The web interface allows users to focus and act only on the most important and suspicious parts of the video by:

  • Enabling users to jump directly to the incident in the video.
  • Identifying the suspicious item by placing a target on it.
  • Enabling users to click anywhere on the transaction receipt and jump to the item being scanned in the video.
  • Enabling users to view a transaction with a simple click.

ScanItAll™ was designed not just for grocery and retail loss prevention, but also for all areas of operation. Some of these features include:

  • Visual displays of cashier metrics and statistics.
  • A graphical glimpse at company and store statistics.
  • Easy-to-use customizable filters.
  • Export capabilities allowing data to be used in existing reporting applications.
  • Immediate viewing of transaction video, while it is being streamed. 

IT Friendly & PCI Compliant

ScanItAll™ was created by true techies who take information security very seriously. StopLift engineers developed methods of interfacing with POS networks in ways that are straightforward to implement, yet unambiguously compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Even in parts of the world that are less stringent with PCI, StopLift always implements to meet PCI’s standard.

ScanItAll™ also supports various protocols and topologies to insure secure communications. 

Plug & Play Integration

ScanItAll™ employs a simple plug-&-play installation and roll-out process which retailers report requires approximately 30 minutes for each store. Even non-IT individuals have installed the system.

StopLift looks to provide technology that makes an impact on grocery and retail profitability. By maintaining a low upfront cost and utilizing pre-existing infrastructure, StopLift prevents loss while protecting profits. In striving to be as non-invasive as possible, the implementation of ScanItAll™ typically requires no change to the POS, POS controller, or DVR/NVR. This also applies to CCTV/IP cameras. ScanItAll™ can plug into practically any camera, including both analog CCTV cameras and digital IP cameras.


About the Company

Over 14 billion dollars of grocery and retail loss occurs in plain sight at the checkout. StopLift’s patented cloud-based artificial intelligence machine vision technology, ScanItAll™, visually determines what occurs during each and every checkout transaction to immediately identify: Scan-Avoidance / Sweethearting Detection Basket-Based Loss Detection Self-Checkout Loss Detection Operational Error Detection Refund/Return Fraud Detection Video-to-Transaction Synchronization Rather than depend on a one-size-fits-all approach, StopLift has developed targeted applications to address the specific needs of retailers from different sectors, including general merchandise, grocery, and specialty retail. Please visit for Videos of our Products and Services StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has developed artificial intelligence machine vision systems which automatically analyze regular security video from existing/conventional security cameras to detect various forms of theft, training error, and operational analytics at the checkout. A pioneer in the field of checkout vision systems, StopLift has developed the first ever system capable of successfully detecting “sweethearting” collusion between cashiers and customers as well as scan-avoidance at self-checkouts.

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