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BRdata Store is a powerful and flexible, full-function in-store retail solution.  Retailers can track sales movement while controlling price and cost information from one central database.  BRdata store is a multi-user,graphical application.  Databases can be stored or accessed locally in the store or remotely via a thin-client connection to a BRdata Host system in a chain environment.


  • POS Support
  • POS interfaces with IBM SA/ACE, NCR ACS/ScanMaster/2127, StoreNext ISS45 v7/8, and ScanMaster.
  • Manage one consolidated database for all item information.  Users can perform direct item or batch maintenance.
  • Maintenance batches can be created at store or imported from the wholesaler via seamless import programs or by using the BRdata SIL (Standard Interchange language) Interface.
  • TPRs, ADs, frequent shopper, and retail prices are date-driven and can be scheduled to apply automatically to the POS system.
  • Sales can be quantity-driven with the threshold pricing feature.  Items can be placed on sale (or off) when the item reaches a specified inventory level.
  • To ensure that the BRdata database matches the POS system, BRdata to POS compares can be scheduled to run automatically to check for price and item discrepancies.  Users then have the option to modify and automatically apply discrepancy batches.
  • Support for unlimited prices, costs, or allowances.
  • Additional Features
  • Advanced File Import Tool:  Whether you’re importing an Excel spreadsheet, CSV File, flat ASCII file, or XML file, users can configure a template to import the information and save it to a batch.
  • Report Writer:  Users can easily create reports and extract information from the BRdata database files.
  • Automation of Processes:  Many processes can be scheduled to run automatically.
  • Alert Notification System:  Can be configured to send out e-mail alerts based on certain user definable system events, for example, if the item movement process did not run or the GM% dropping below a certain percentage.
  • BRdata’s MicroKiosk Module:  With a MicroKiosk unit, shoppers can lookup price and item information in the store aisles.  BRdata’s MicroKiosk Module reads the POS files directly, to ensure that the consumer is viewing the “scanning” price.
  • Shelf Label and Sign Printing
  • High quality shelf labels and signs can be printed whenever needed with the option to print off of user created batches.
  • Labels can be printed by template, prompting the user to change the label stock as necessary when exporting an entire batch.
  • Users can assign a template code to an item, with a different template for new items, discontinued items, BOGOS, TPRs, and ADs.
  • If an item is assigned as a new item, BRdata Store will automatically create a batch for labels when the user defined “new item time-period” is up.
  • The system supports “Compare and Save” labels which are used to compare your private label price to a national brand’s price or a competitor’s price.
  • Sales Movement
  • BRdata can automatically retrieve sales movement from the POS system.
  • The date-driven daily sales movement database can generate many different gross profit reports to be used to evaluate categories, quickly identify sales trends, plan buying requirements, evaluate ad performance and measure alternate vendor performance.
  • Zero or Slow Movers reports allow you to eliminate weak items in the store for higher sales per square foot an improved margins.
  • Seamless interface into MS Excel including graphs and charts.
  • Model prices and generate batches for checking the item’s price elasticity.
  • Track percentage of sales and GM compared to total store sales and GM. For example, the Dairy department is 8% of the total store sales, the Milk category is 20% of Dairy, and ‘1% half gallons’ are 30% of the Milk category.
  • Store personnel can easily and efficiently update prices directly in the aisles.
  • The items regular retail and sale information can be viewed, as well as the price that the item is scanning on the POS system.
  • Item information can be secured and customized by user.
  • TPR, Ads, or Frequent Shopper prices by date can be entered on the handheld.
  • Print shelf labels right in the aisles using the BRdata Remote Label module to print directly to portable label printers.
  • Audit files exist by date, time and user to identify any changes that occurred to an item.
  • The system can report on which items were scanned to identify a handheld operator’s productivity.
  • Wireless Price Verify with RF Handhelds

About the Company

BRdata is a software development company and systems integrator of open architecture software applications, providing totally integrated business solutions to retailers, wholesalers, and grocery store chains.

BRdata offers software solutions for retailers. Software applications including hosting, in-store systems, ordering (CAO/CGO), price optimization, and BRdata Cloud and Connect. Reach your customers before, during, and after they shop with the BRdata Connect branded consumer app. Access reporting from anywhere, anytime, on any device with BRdata Cloud.

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Company Size:  11-50 employees
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