Store Associate Mobility

Store Associate Mobility

Tulip Retail


Tulip empowers Store Associates with access to information and utilities through Modules that support their effort to deliver breakthrough customer experiences.

All Modules integrate with your existing data and platform infrastructure to ensure a consistent experience. They are offered from within the same Store Associate app to streamline workflow and for ease of use with customers.


  • Clienteling: A customer spends more time out of store than in store. Clienteling allows your associates to efficiently manage their book of business and keep a personal line of communication with their customers.
  • Customer Manager: Personalize a shopper’s experience using their prior online and offline shopping data drives loyalty and an enriched customer experience over time.
  • Product Catalog: Customers have come to expect much more data about a given product than the traditional retail shelf offers. Bolster your in store product information with an endless aisle experience.

About the Company

Tulip Retail delivers a mobile platform for sales associates, giving them access to the information they need to deliver breakthrough customer service. Sales associates can easily access catalogue, customer and sales transaction information from a mobile device allowing them to quickly answer questions, make personalized recommendations and check out faster. 

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