CDW’s Store-in-a-Box solution is made to order and ready to go. With individual plug-and-play components and our comprehensive support, you’ll get the perfect combination of storefront and back-end solutions. Our standardized processes enable you to refresh multiple locations quickly, leaving staff free to do their most important work — engage with customers.


  • Allow customers to download an app that lets them check inventory or receive your targeted in-store offers.
  • By keeping up with PCI compliance and EMV standards to prevent data breaches, you’ll maintain consumer trust and confidence.
  • Forget “cash or credit” — with mobile payment options, customers can check out swiftly and securely using a smartphone app.

About the Company

In every organization, there are people who get technology. And people who don't. This is where CDW comes in. CDW is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare in the US and Canada. We're a 6,000-plus-member team.

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