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Store Fixtures

JH&A Store Fixtures


JH&A combines domestic millwork with imported metal components to produce products with unchallenged value and reliability. We provide a full array of products for the store fixture industry, including showcases, checkout counters, metal racks, grid panels and accessories, slatwall and accessories, store supplies and more. If a customer needs a product not already in our inventory, we will create a custom design based on the customer's needs, or value engineer an existing product that will be better suited for the customer's application.


  • JH&A Products: Cubed Glass, Grid Panels & Accessories, Slatwall & Accessories, Perimeter Hardware, Racks & Accessories, Showcases & Counters, Sign Frames & Attachment, Tables/Shelving, Store Supplies, Mannequins & Forms.

About the Company

Begun in 1976, JH&A has been providing the store fixture industry with quality products and unrivaled customer service for more than 30 years. JH&A is centrally located in Shreveport, Louisiana with a 150,000 square foot facility. Our current clients include both retail stores and distributors, who we consult and provide recommendations on which products work best for their market.

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