Store Harmony

Store Harmony



Store harmony provides inventory management and point of sale solutions for stores  in various categories to help them easily integrate their products with electronic commerce platforms, mobile payment providers and simpify accountability.



  1. SImple to use - for business beginners, many solutions could be very complicated to use and learn. Store harmony makes processes straightforward even for the least learned of businesses owners
  2. Affordable - in most cases, businesses often have to buy or subscribe to various solutions to help handle various tasks, This could be required for big enterprises. With store harmony, the core components for running every store are available in a single package. Owners are able to get access to various features that help them manager their outlets very quickly.
  3. Simplifies Mobile Payment Integration - Mobile payment solutions integrator targeting retail consumers will be able to easily integrate with store harmony 
  4. Easy to deploy - Deploying store harmony is simplified
  5. Simplfies eCommerce Integration for Stores - Many stores owners are too busy with day to day management of orders and inventory. Electronic commerce often create a new set of headache if another parallel system has to be setup. With Store Harmony stores get to access ecommerce requests in an integrated fashion

About the Company

DABAROBJECTS SOLUTIONS LTD is an Information and Communications Technology company registered as a limited liability company in NIgeria. DABAROBJECTS develops enterprise software platforms for emerging businesses in the areas of SMS Messaging, enterprise resource management, electronic commerce integration, mobile payments and content management portals.

Our products include Store Harmony (, SMS Spike ( Our services include Inventory management, business services technology support, systems integration, website designs and software development for servers, mobile phones and desktops solutions.

Our goal is to become a leading and a trusted provider of quality software solutions & enterprise technology platforms for African SMEs.

We currently operate in Lagos and Abuja and employs a team of 25.