In-Store Mobile Marketing Platform

In-Store Mobile Marketing Platform



Aisle411’s proprietary, first-of-its-kind indoor retail product location service and mobile platform which allows shoppers to easily navigate through retail stores to find exactly what they want quickly by collecting, organizing and monetizing retailers’ product inventory, location data, and enterprise software space planning systems and store maps. Aisle411 has also partnered with leading indoor positioning technology providers to provide shopper positioning services that drive merchandising insights and allow for engaging shopper experiences. The service ultimately drives higher customer satisfaction and a deeper level of engagement between the retailers and its customers by —simplifying the shopping experience.


  • Integrate: With Aisle411’s SDKs, easily integrate maps, search, navigation, and rewards into your mobile apps.
  • Optimize your store data: Aisle411 creates your searchable digital store and product maps.
  • Promote: Promote these powerful features to your shoppers and watch guest satisfaction and revenues grow.

About the Company

Founded in April of 2008 and based in St. Louis, MO, Aisle411 is a trusted indoor location services platform for major global leading retailers.   For shoppers, Aisle411 makes shopping in-stores easier, allowing them to map products, offers and lists by aisle location, as well as discover unique information based on a shopper’s in-store location. For retailers, Aisle411 offers a mobile in-store location services platform that allows them to reach shoppers at the shelf, with context and location relevant information that enhances the shopper experience.

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